Vehicle Transceivers

BC-620 and BC-659 with Accessories


These radios are most commonly found in jeeps but would also be used in field applications.

bc620.jpg (103069 bytes)

BC-620 with PE-120 Power Unit and FT-250 Radio Mount

bc659.jpg (50671 bytes)

BC-659 with CS-79 battery box and FT-250 Radio Mount

jeepacc.jpg (109666 bytes)

Left to Right - BG-108 Mast Bag, BG 185 Radio cover, TL-150 and TL-207 Alignment tools, TS-13 Handset, AN-29 Antenna, BA-40 Battery and BC-135 Radio Cover

SCR-284 and Accessories

These are a grouping of BC-654 sets. They are found both in vehicles and in the field. This is one of my favorite sets to operate.

bc6542.jpg (98939 bytes)

BC-654 late model

bc6541.jpg (108610 bytes)

BC-654 early model

FM41.jpg (14697 bytes)

FM-41 Vehicle mount

pe-103.jpg (95360 bytes)

PE-104 Vibrator unit and PE-103 Dynamotor.


bg-58.jpg (89564 bytes)

BG-58 Antenna bag with Antenna sections, GN-45 Hand Crank generator, cranks, and  generator legs plus seat.

bg102.jpg (82073 bytes)

BG-102 bag with antenna base, T-17 microphone, CD-501 cable, ground stakes and guy wires, and LS-7 speaker

rm29.jpg (65044 bytes)

CS-76  bag with RM-29 remote unit

Wireless Set No. 19 and Accessories.

ws19.jpg (94253 bytes)

Two Wireless Set No. 19 sets. These were produced for Lend Lease to Britain and Russia. Consists of Power Supply, Variometer, and Transceiver.

ws19box.jpg (90758 bytes)

Five Junction Boxes with Cables.

ws19parts.jpg (80014 bytes)

Spare parts box and Spare tube box. Also, code key.

ws19_head.jpg (90610 bytes)

Rats nest of headsets and Microphones. Notice the chest harness for holding the microphone.

ws19pic.jpg (70224 bytes)

Neat Wartime WS19 picture

SCR-508 Tank Sets

603.jpg (94789 bytes)

BC-603 Receivers commonly found in Tanks. 

683.jpg (77418 bytes)

BC-683 in Navy gray

bc606.jpg (45123 bytes)

BC-606 Interphone Control Box

bc605.jpg (75693 bytes)

BC-605 Intercom Unit

bc604.jpg (85858 bytes)


BC-604 Transmitter

ch264.jpg (69176 bytes)

CH-264 Spare Parts Chest

ft237.jpg (67771 bytes)


FT-237 Radio Mount

bc684.jpg (78959 bytes)

BC-684 Transmitter

bg96.jpg (54223 bytes)

NOS BG-96 cover for tank set


SCR-506 consists of the BC-652 receiver and the BC-653 transmitter supported by the FT-253 mount. 2.0 to 4.5Mc in four preset channels A, B, C, and D, (126 channels) plus one tunable channel. LF or HF. CW, tone, and voice, 50 to 90 w CW and 10 to 25 w voice. Can run either 12v or 24v with the correct dynamotors.


bc669.jpg (80850 bytes)

BC-669-C Transmitter/Receiver  

BC-669-D Transmitter/Receiver

ch132.jpg (62600 bytes)

CH-132 chest for the PE-110 and accessories.

ch219.jpg (67650 bytes)

CH-219 Crystal chest with receiver and transmitter crystals

rm21cba.jpg (99943 bytes)

Before   /   After

RM-21-C Remote

ts11.jpg (86669 bytes)

NOS TS-11 handset and CD-515 cable

rm21box.jpg (75089 bytes)

RM-21 Storage box

pe110.jpg (41346 bytes)

PE-110 Power Supply

BC-1306  and  GRC-9 

bc1306.jpg (72329 bytes)

BC-1306 Transmitter/Receiver

GRC-9 Transmitter/Receiver

pp237.jpg (70346 bytes)

PE-237 Vehicle Power supply for the GRC-9

gn58.jpg (62506 bytes)

GN-58 generator  in BG-175 bag


  pe162.jpg (77422 bytes)

PE-162 gas generator

mt350.jpg (52471 bytes)

 NOS MT-350 Vehicle Mount for GRC-9

bg172.jpg (78738 bytes)

BG-172 Accessory bag. Includes Guy wires, BX-53 spare parts box, Long wire antennas, and leg key.

bg174.jpg (73432 bytes) 

BG-174 Antenna and Accessory Bag. Includes antenna section, generator cranks, seat and legs, antenna mast base, guy wire pegs, microphones, speaker and cabling.


grc19.jpg (86775 bytes)

T-195 Transmitter with R-392 Receiver

grc19bag.jpg (74925 bytes)

Antenna and Accessory bag for the GRC-19. Includes spare parts boxes for the T-195 and R-392, Antenna sections and sheath, MP-65, leg key, headset, cabling and air filters.

RT 66, 67, 68 / GRC-5

rt68.jpg (87342 bytes)

RT-68 Receiver/Transmitter with PP-112 Vibrator Supply on MT-299 Mount

cw330.jpg (61181 bytes)

CW-330 cover

rt67.jpg (60916 bytes)

RT-67  Receiver/Transmitter with PP-112 Vibrator Supply and R-108 Receiver on MT-297 vehicle mount.

rt70.jpg (86012 bytes)

RT-70 Receiver/Transmitter with Power Supply/Audio Amplifier on  MT-300 Vehicle Mount.


grc-106.jpg (83281 bytes)     




RT-834 with the AM-3349

PP-4763 PS

GRC-106 consist of either the RT-662 transceiver or the RT-834. The RF amplifier is the AM-3349. Both units are powered by the PP-4763 power supply.


vrc4.jpg (42296 bytes)

Receiver part of VRC-4 for Fire and Rescue trucks.


U.S.M.C. variation of the BC-312

VRC-19 MP Transceiver